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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 3, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> the former police officer accused of selling drugs from police evidence lockers is now headed to hollywood. why a judge says it's okay for him to go. >> a live look outside at the golden gate bridge, looks a little foggy but it's going to be a beautiful day in the neighborhood. guess what? you made it to the end of the week. it's friday, february 3rd, "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. it's 5:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everyone. i'm jon kelley. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren to find out how smooth and sweet this weekend is going to start. >> it's going to be nice. the good news is we need the rain but we are going to be outdoors many of us over the course of the weekend, we have fan fest at at&t park and the super bowl on sunday. and the weather will accommodate your outdoor plans. this morning it's on the chilly side. 38 in livermore, 34 in gilroy,
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grab that jacket. really nice day shaping up. first, 5:00 a.m., let's check the drive. already some problems. >> want to calm noyferves. the bay bridge this morning we were on the scene of an overturned vehicle on the deck that has cleared. now our view of that incline is smooth as it has since the sigalert cleared about 20 minutes ago. a smooth drive into san francisco from the oakland side. a wider view from the san francisco side shows the headlights flowing into the city. the lower deck is smooth. there is still construction causing a bit of slowing as you head over to treasure island. no big disturbance because of that light flow. we'll check the rest of the commute coming up. >> 5:01 now. an east bay man in the hospital after being trapped in a house fire. pittsburg firefighters say it's a miracle the man survived. there were visible flames coming from the house on fairborn lane.
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the man was finally pulled out with burns on his face, arms and legs. firefighters we're happy to report also rescued his cat. they are still trying to determine the exact cause of this fire. >> 5:01 now. the man accused of driving his suv into the muni underground tunnel will appear in court. scott mitchell will be arraigned on multiple charges including dui. san francisco police say on january 19, mitchell was drunk when he drove his suv into the tunnel. he got more than a half mile before the -- before eventually crashing. muni had to stop service for hours to move that suv off the track. >> after living on the run for more than four decades, a man turned himself in for shooting a san francisco police, could spend the next 15 years in prison. 67-year-old ronald is to be sentenced for assault on a police officer with a firearm. this crime happened way back in 1968. he jumped bail and disappeared
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before sentencing. he turned himself back in this past november. he surrendered to try and set a positive example for his son. >> also in court today, a fairfield mother convicted of involuntary manslaughter after an apartment fire that killed four children including three of her own. james will ask for a new trial at the hearing. she and her sister were outside when unattended candles ignited a fire in the home. in april of 2010. if james' request for a new trial is denied she could be sentenced to 20 years in prison. >> police now on the scene of a shooting in san jose. bob redell is live with the latest developments. what's the latest out there? >> reporter: good morning, jon. as a result of this shooting one man is in the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds after he was shot along this sidewalk here. you can see it's lit up by p.d., this along south san jose.
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his shooter location unknown. he's still out there. that person is. what could make this case tricky for police is that there doesn't appear to be many if any witnesses. this did take place outside of an apartment complex. people heard the shots but as far as investigators no, no one saw the shooting. their best and most likely only witness, will be the victim himself. a 35-year-old man from san jose laid up in a hospital bed trying to recover from multiple gun not wounds. >> just for people who are watching who live in this neighborhood, should they be worried about some person out there with a gun who is randomly shooting or you get a sense that maybe this was between these two individuals? >> i have no idea. that's under investigation. there's somebody with a gun out there so i don't know much more than that. >> reporter: in spite of being shot several times, this 35-year-old man remarkably is
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expected to survive. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. 5:04. the former commander of the contra costa county drug squad accused of corruption will tell his side of the story on the dr. phil show. federal judge gave 50-year-old norman welsh permission to travel to los angeles for the taping. he is currently on bail for conspiracy, drug sales, theft and extortion charges. his attorney blames stress for his alleged crime. his appearance is intended to reach out to officers facing similar circumstances and encourage them to seek professional help. >> san francisco mayor ed lee will sign legislation today designed to make the city streets a little nicer. the $248 million road repair and street safety bond passed in november. this will eliminate pot holes throughout the city, hopefully, and seismically strength at any street, overpasses and staircases. the money will also be used to
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improve bicycle safety and flow on local streets. >> cyclists better watch their speed over the golden gate bridge. there are new digital sensors on the sidewalks to let cyclists know how fast they are going. the bridge district tells the san francisco examiner that the signs are there to track people's speed but not set a limit for cyclists. in the past month cyclists and pedestrians began sharing the same sidewalks. >> it's 5:06. look, let's go ahead and join christina loren in the weather center right now and find out more good news. >> you know, if you are missing the rain, we've got that. if you like the warmth, lots of sunshine, we have that as well. really comfortable conditions. right now it's chilly enough for you to want to grab a jacket on the way out the door but something you can peel off later on, put the short sleeves under that jacket. because temperatures are going to climb into the upper 50s and we'll round out the day with
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plenty of 70s as you make your way home at 4:00 p.m. 64 degrees inland. 60 by the bay and 61 degrees even right by the water at the coast. comfortable conditions. and we continue to climb as we head through the next couple days. we'll take you to the forecast, talk about what they are going to be playing with in the super bowl and of course we've got that rain on the way. looking pretty significant for making up some of the rainfall totals. first let's talk to mike about your drive. >> all right, christina. there is still construction going on. a little bit of construction going on, the spot i had picked outtell you about, 680 between al costa and sycamore valley road. i got word that a couple crews are moving. at the bottom and top of the screen, both road crews sound like they are moving from north and southbound directions. it's friday, i don't blame folks for wanting to finish early since they started early last night. smooth drive so far north of the dublin interchange for 680 and
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580 moves closer to the limit. over here for the drive out of the altamont pass and the tri-valley over to 680, and continuing through castro valley to the castro valley y, the golden gate bridge, a little glow to the light. we can make out some of the lights above the main street lights on the cable work above the golden gate bridge. a clear view. no problems into the city. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you, mike. as you're getting ready for work may we suggest you add a little red to your wardrobe. today is national go red for women day. it's the american heart association's campaign to increase awareness about heart disease. heart disease is the number one killer of women. >> an oakland raiders fan in illinois won a contest to allow him to see every raiders game next year. mike blazic, a die hard raiders fan in chicago won honorable mention in directv's ultimate
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fan contest. by showing off his raiders cave filled with raiders memorabilia including, well, silver and black electric outlets. a year's worth of directv and he can catch all of the games live. the contest winner got tickets to the super bowl. >> pretty cool. >> the 20th annual wing bowl coming up. >> i like the sound of that. the latest moves by walnut creek to try to keep its downtown safer. >> and the airline that touts itself as a low cost leader is tacking on a fee. details in a live report. >> a live look outside, old glory blowing in the wind out there in san francisco. a clear, crisp start. trust me, christina loren said it's going to get a lot nicer. >> for the latest news traffic weather find us on facebook. nbc bay ea. could mean
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>> good friday morning to you. taking a look at the incline into the bay bridge this morning. there was a roll over accident earlier. we're told that has cleared but we can see traffic is picking up. >> a big game going on on sunday, but before the super bowl, brace yourself. there's the wing bowl. that is philadelphia's eating extravaganza and it's under way now. the wing bowl is a competition involving, yes, eating loads of hot wings. 26 contestants participating this year. the wing bowl winner will receive a $20,000 cash prize. lean forward into the bowl.
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maybe some cleaner for the beard. a chevy camaro, a harley-davidson as well as a ring and a gold medal. wow. may be a little bit of tums to go with that. >> from the wing bowl to the super bowl, nbc bay area is your official home for super bowl xlvi. our pregame coverage starting bright and early at 10:00 a.m. laura is grooving, so is christina. directly following you want to stick around for the premier of "the voice." then a full hour of local news. you stopped. >> what are you talking about? >> we're preparing for a look at the forecast. meteorologist christina loren. >> he was the one dancing. trying to pawn it off on us. we're looking pretty good right now. it's cold. grab a jacket. look how clear it is over the bay bridge. the golden gate bridge shows a little bit of fog on the live camera this morning so you'll find patchy areas out there. we're looking good overall. mostly clear start making way to
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a gorgeous afternoon. thanks, guys, you can see that. starting to lose visibility but it's not too bad. the areas where we are expecting fog will be over the local bridges over the next three hours. but any fog that does develop, oh, it's going to clear like yesterday because high pressure and offshore flow kicking into high gear. good morning in sunnyvale, 38 in livermore and 35 in santa rosa. as you can see a little area of low pressure. this is going to bring us rain next week. but for the time being high pressure taking the storm track to the north. you can see the state of california mostly clear. under the clouds you can see the offshore flow pushing that marine layer out to sea. whatever fog does develop probably be gone by mid morning. sunshine, slightly warmer, then saturday the warm-up continues and we continue to climb all the way through your super bowl
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sunday. we peak on sunday with temperatures in the 70s, even in places like san jose. 65 today, 63 in milpitas and 63 degrees in concord. over the water, yeah, looking a little cooler but not bad. 60, not too shabby at half moon bay. 58 degrees in bodega bay. the next three days work like this. giants fan fest tomorrow at at&t park, 58-63 degrees. make sure you bring your giants hat and sunglasses. we'll see a lot of sunshine and a building breeze. through sunday, 70 degrees, monday things start to change, clouds increase as the area of low pressure gets closer to the bay area, bringing us showers tuesday into wednesday, and the first part of thursday. we need the rain and this system does look good for maybe a half inch. like the north bay getting hit as we head through next week. enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. let's check the drive. >> 5:15 or almost 5:16 a light
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volume of traffic. the south bay moves nicely. no delays for 101, 880, 87 through the south bay. even down through the santa cruz mountains we have a smooth flow. 101 and 280, no construction blocking roadways or off ramps for the peninsula. we do have a slow drive now registering eastbound across the dumbarton bridge. overnight maintenance crews were there, maybe they are on the way moving around. i'll confirm that but likely that's what happened. it's likely what's going on as the crews clear. a look at the bay bridge, we did check out the skies above it but we're going to look at the roadway. a smooth drive from the toll plaza across into san francisco for the upper deck. no accidents since the early problem cleared on the incline. the the lower deck moves over to the oakland side. back to the maps and show you there is slowing for 80, eastbound eighty from 4 up coming skyway, there is construction blocking three
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lanes. three lanes this morning so prepare for that heading up to the carquinez bridge, benicia bridge, southbound from the north bay. and we're watching for slowing and seeing a little bit, 46 over on highway 4 in antioch, pretty standard build. slower than the rest of the days but we'll see slowing here and 580. back to you guys. >> it is 5:17. the monthly jobs numbers are due out in a few minutes, that will certainly drive trading today on wall street for that and the rest of the news before the bell we turn to jackie deangelis. good morning. >> good morning, laura. the futures are higher ahead of that news of the day t january jobs report. out at 8:30 eastern time. it is expected to show a month of modest hiring. it's versus the 200,000 we saw in december though a chunk came from temporary holiday workers.
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unemployment is seen holding steady at 8.5%. the asian markets were lower but europe is a touch higher, we're going to get data in the u.s. on the service sector and factory orders. the dow slipped on thursday to close at 12,705, the nasdaq gaining 11 to 2859. spirit airlines is adding a new $2 fee and says that the government forced its hand. the low cost carrier is calling for the charge of an unlimited excuse me unintended consequences fee, in response to new federal rules the to allow passengers to cancel without a penalty. spirit has filed a lawsuit to block another rule requiring that advertised fares to show that all of the taxes and fees are up front. and super bowl advertisers are betting on a big mobile bet this year a. new survey finding 60% of people are going to use their phones during the game. a third will be on facebook, 6% on twitter. so companies are trying to leverage that with verizon wireless teaming up to live
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stream the game and when you tag commercials with the sha zam app it's going to take to you websites that market those products and coke has an interactive site where the famous polar bears are going to react to the game and the halftime show and the ads. >> can't wait. thank you, jackie. >> more police officers will be on the streets of downtown walnut creek trying to curb drunken violence. they say there are too many bars and too small of an area. the city and business owners now working together on new regulations on places that stay open late. last weekend 9 people were arrested and three officers injured during a long list of separate fights. >> 5:19. the u.s. court of appeals is back to focusing on the ban on gay marriage, yesterday the court ruled video from the 2010 proposition 8 trial will remain sealed. the justices refused to release it because the judge overseeing the case had promised the tape would not be seen outside of his
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courtroom. the decision means the ninth circuit court can turn its attention to the ruling that struck down proposition 8. >> coming up, how the present is looking to help veterans get back to work. >> what the apple ceo did with $100 million.
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>> good friday morning to you. taking a live look outside, embarcadero in san francisco, pretty clear at least from this shot. that means it's cold. but a little haziness in some areas. we'll check the full forecast coming up. >> president obama hitting the road again today pushing his jobs bill for american veterans.
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the president will be at fire station in arlington, virginia to unveil the new program. it's designed to enlist veterans to rebuild roads, levees and trails on public land. the president says this jobs bill would spend a billion dollars and put some 20,000 veterans to work. >> 5:23. when facebook ipos a new woman could jump to the top of the richest women in the world list. the talk about mark zuckerberg but cheryl sandberg, the chief operating officer is set to be a big reason for the company's success. she made almost $31 million last year in salary and stock. to put it in perspective, how important she is when president obama comes to town to meet with bay area tech leaders it's sandberg as often as zuckerberg. >> the head of apple busy giving his money away. scott joins us now. $100 million in charity. >> 100 million. that's what we hear. tim cook giving away money.
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this is very different from his predecessor. the blogs report that cook has given $50 million to stanford hospitals, another 50 million to fight hiv. he told employees that apple would start matching charitable donations made by the rank and file up to $10,000 a year. the state of arizona has sent a tax bill to amazon, $53 million the state says amazon should have been charging its citizens. texas tried the same thing, california once challenged amazon's tax policy. then amazon promised to build a distribution center here and california said okay, we're good. ahead of that online locker mega upload is speaking out. denied bail. the united states convinced several foreign countries to crack down and jail employees of mega upload. it shut down the company servers to wit dotcom said can we have a trial first?
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>> all of our internets have been seized by the u.s. government, without a hearing, without a trial. our legitimate business has been terminated and over 100 million users don't have access to their property. >> yes, that is really his name. he had it changed to dotcom some years ago. he remains in an auckland jail. >> 5:25. still to come on "today in the bay," the latest jobs numbers due out any minute. >> and san francisco's sheriff heading back to court. what he is asking a judge for now. >> we've got a big weekend ahead, the super bowl. i will let you know what the weather conditions hold in your city and we've got rain in the forecast as well. >> we won't have collisions like the helmets behind christina hopefully. looking at 880, the funnel, we'll see how the commute is shaping up. >> a live look outside,
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beautiful. it's a beautiful sight in the city by the bay. this weekend looks good. we'll be right back.
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>> reporter: i'm bob redell live in the south bay with developing news where a shooter is at large, that person's victim in the hospital. we'll update you on this coming up. >> plus, monthly jobs numbers just coming down. scott mcgrew getting them as we speak. we'll bring them to you minutes away. >> and two american women kidnapped in egypt, i'm marla tellez, i'll have the latest on the gun point abduction plus other overnight developments. >> and a live look outside in san francisco this morning. it is friday, february 3rd, this is "today in the bay."
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>> good morning to you. it's 5:28 now. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> feel free to applaud. it's fr. good morning. i'm jon kelley. let's check in with christina loren to find out how nice it's going to be. i feel every day i'm happy to have you share with us. >> it is nice, we've had this fair weather. the good news is for those who miss the rain that's back in the forecast as well. i'll show you when we get to the seven-day outlook. grab your jacket on the way out. we'll see a nice afternoon, something you can peel off later on. touching on the 70s again, even in more cities as we'll be warmer. take you through the full forecast, talk about the upcoming storm first. let's talk to mike about your drive. at 5:29. >> we urge folks to wake up, rub that sleep out of your eyes. someone didn't. they brought their mattress but left it in the road for eastbound 24 approaching broadway so that's your report. debris in the roadway, heading away from the maze toward
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highway 13 and later the caldecott tunnel. no major slowing but you will probably have a traffic break over the next few. i'll warn you if they tell me what's going on. likely they will just clear it. >> thank you, mike. >> right now police investigating an overnight shooting in south san jose. bob redell is live with all of the latest developments. good morning. what is happening out there? >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. police just left the scene and they are trying to find the shooter. couple things that make this case tricky. they don't know if this was random or these people knew each other. they know it took place on this sidewalk along hayes avenue. part of the problem is it took place after midnight when most people are asleep. while yes, there were people who heard the gun shot, who came out to assist, to call 911, as far as police know right now there was nobody who actually saw the
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shooting take place. perhaps the only witness is the victim. he is a 35-year-old man from san jose who is in the hospital right now. he was shot multiple times but remarkably he is expected to survive. again t shooter, suspect, whoever this person is, is still out there. police are trying to identify him and find him. or her. reporting live in south san jose, "today in the bay." >> oakland city leaders say it's a shocking example of how far people have to go to protect themselves. comments after a taco truck operator was forced into a gun battle with an armed robber. surveillance video shows the flash of gun fire early yesterday morning. a spokesperson says that more and more food truck owners are arming themselves with weapons and wearing bullet proof vests. >> the new jobs numbers have been released. scott mcgrew sin our newsroom
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now. good morning, scott. >> good morning. they are spectacular again, tradition i think i should keep i couldn't telling the piece of paper. 243,000 jobs added in the last month. that drops the unemployment rate to 8.3%, that's a spectacular number, much higher than we were expecting. forecasters were looking in the tens of thousands of jobs. is some of that due to the time of year? could be. but it is something that we are not going to sneeze at. as i tell you each time it's more important the big number plus 243, than it is the unemployment rate. but as president obama talks at the fire house today you can bet he is going to bring up the declining unemployment rate. we've got going down from 8.5 to 8.3 in the last month. another spectacular, if unexpected, job number. >> it's the right direction. thank you, scott. 5:32. san francisco sheriff ross
5:33 am
mirkarimi goes back to court to fight for his right the see his son a. hearing is set on a request to modify a stay away order. mirkarimi has been denied contact with his wife and 2-year-old son while he fights misdemeanor charges of domestic abuse. his trial is set for the end of the month. his attorney will ask to allow supervised visit with the boy. >> division is growing in the susan g. komen for a cure organization after a controversial decision to cut funding to planned parenthood. there was criticism from donors and politicians. even the bay area's affiliate says it's condemning the decision. planned parenthood says the backlash has triggered an increase in donations and san francisco's breast cancer action group says it's raised $400,000 in 24 hours. >> we're certainly seeing significant up tick in donations here at breast cancer action as people look at what organizations are doing the work
5:34 am
that addresses an epidemic. >> the ceo maintains it's not a political decision. it's policy. >> american lives are at risk, today in the bay's marla tellez joins us live with that and other overnight headlines. good morning. >> good morning. security officials are reporting gun men kidnapped two american women and their egyptian tour guide at gunpoint. the gun man stopped a minivan carrying a tourist group. officials say the abductors took off and now a helicopter search is under way for the americans. this comes as clashes between the military police and protesters continue in cairo and beyond. police are using tear gas and firing bird shots at protesters still angry over the deadly soccer right that left almost 80
5:35 am
fans dead. already three people have been killed, more than a dozen hurt. in iran tensions continue to intensify as israel threatens to take out iran's nuclear program if no one else will. iran's supreme leader described israel as a cancer saying it will be cut. ayatolla khomeini said hi is country will assist any nation or group that confronts israel. the post reports that leon panetta believes there is a strong likelihood tel aviv will launch an attack on iran this spring. closer to home we have it easy but it's a different story in denver where a major snowstorm is paralyzing much of that city. really just flurries overnight as the home of the rockies gets showered with a little bit of white. but the national weather service reports snow is falling at two inches an hour on the eastern
5:36 am
plains. according to the "denver post" already close to 200 flights at denver international have been canceled and a blizzard warning is in effect in many areas through tomorrow morning. of course, this is bad news for travelers but for students it's a snow day. denver public schools have canceled class for the day. >> kind of rubbing it in. i texted my mother-in-law who lives there. 70 degrees. >> a beautiful thing. it's friday. yeah, we're having spring-like temperatures. meteorologist christina loren is in our weather center to tell us about the wonderful weekend. >> you know, colorado's getting the snow. snowboarders happy there. we'll see the snow along the sierra nevada as we head into next week. first let's talk about with what's happening right here right now. temperatures are running cool this morning, 3 to 5 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. we're near freezing in fairfield, at freezing, 2 degrees above in napa and yeah, we're dropping off in san jose
5:37 am
at 41 degrees here this morning. we've got a comfortable day shaping up for you. we're going to see mainly clear conditions, areas of patchy fog owe specially by the water today. it won't be the inland valley fog of yesterday. by the second half of the day warming breeze picks up our temperatures. 5 to 10 degrees above our seasonal averages. then a lot of people have been asking me when does the rain come back? we've got that. three out of seven days i'm reporting rain so stay tuned for that. we'll get you on the way to work right now with our mike inouye. how is it looking? >> it is lighter volume because it's friday and it's only 5:37. but we are looking at a couple of incidentses, debris northbound at 280 coming up through san mateo. a smooth drive on the sensors but there will be rolled up carpet on the roadway. no information but i'll let you
5:38 am
know if i get information other than all clear. 92 slow from 101 in the westbound direction. that might indicate more folks hitting the roadway. over the water a smooth drive here, westbound with the taillights heading over the high rise from 880 eastbound off of the peninsula with the headlights all the way to the transition with 880 and a smooth drive into the east bay. ant tock t slow zone over to basically somersville and the debris clears east 24. >> thank you, mike. >> it's 5:38. saying farewell to a football coach who touched the lives of hundreds. >> as we said it's go red for women day. a look at the new mini movie bringing a laugh to the topic. >> out to indianapolis where the super bowl is now less than 72 hours away. >> here is a live look, golden
5:39 am
gate bridge this morning. we'll continue to check the morning commute. help you get where you need to go. >> for the latest, join us at facebook at nbc bay area. v
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>> welcome back everyone. the house getting ready to follow the senate's lead and take on insider trading by congress members. the senate passing a bill banning members of congress and other federal workers from profiting from stock information received as part of their job. eric kanter says it is critical the same rules apply to administration and congress. president barack obama made it clear he will sign the legislation as soon as it hits his desk. >> the gop presidential hopefuls are in nevada trying to drum up
5:42 am
last minute support ahead of tomorrow's caucus. the latest polls show mitt romney has a commanding lead over his closest competitor newt gingrich. according to the las vegas review journal romney leads gingrich 45 to 25. romney has the support of donald trump. he endorsed romney saying he won't, quote, allow bad things to continue to happen to this country we all love. >> meanwhile, a former tv sit com star says she is going to jump in. roseanne bar says it's no joke. she plans to run for the green party presidential nomination. bahr has submit the paperwork. she is a long time supporter of the party and says democrats and republicans are not working in the best interest of the american people. the green party selects its candidate in july. >> roseanne bahr. really? as long as she doesn't sing that national anthem. she tore that up. painful. what is not painful is the
5:43 am
weather. meteorologist christina loren, good morning. and thank you for all of that sun. >> you are very welcome. good morning to you. you all will be thanking mother nature come this weekend. that's my second name, mother nature. 48 in oakland, 40 in sunnyvale and at 41 in san jose so another cold start. clear conditions, we've got a little fog trying to develop over the golden gate bridge. it's working against these strong offshore winds. as a result we're seeing a lot of fog clear. like we did yesterday we're going to start mostly sunny when the sun comes up around 7:22. 48 in oakland. you can see now the storm track taking well to our north. we have an area of low pressure back here trying to get its act together. it looks like this will provide pretty significant rainfall totals for us as we start on tuesday, wednesday, into thursday. but maybe late monday. looks a lot more active next week. for today and tomorrow offshore winds pump that cloud cover out
5:44 am
to sea. that means we'll see sunshine, slightly warmer conditions, and it will be breezy at times throughout the day like it was yesterday. that breeze will have a windchill factor this morning so you need the jacket but you're peeling it off by noon. through saturday, the warm-up continues, continue to climb a few degrees in most cities across the bay area. that's when we'll start touching on the 70s, even in places like livermore. so, for today, 68 degrees in morgan hill. 63 milpitas. about 64 degrees in danville and san francisco holding on to 60s as well. the next three days we climb, then the changes arrive monday into tuesday, clouds increase as that system moves closer to the california coastline. it moves onshore tuesday into wednesday. bringing about pretty good looking rainfall totals. i think we'll see upwards of a half inch in the north bay. around a quarter in the south bay and maybe, just maybe a foot of snow above 6,000 feet in tahoe. we'll keep telling you what we
5:45 am
expect from this system and of course that super bowl forecast ready to go first. let's get you on that road on a good note. >> super south bay traffic. we have a nice flow of traffic through the south bay moving north. all coming in to san jose, that's the commute direction. that's why i focus on it for the sensors. disabled vehicle but it's off on the median not causing a problem. 101, 280 coming up the peninsula, a smooth drive. dumbarton bridge eastbound. i warned that might be maintenance crews clearing from the bridge. they cleared. so has the delay. looking at a slowdown westbound 92 coming over the san mateo mountains to the area where we have debris. no incident for 92. the debris not clear but sounds like it's not a problem. no other calls reporting issues with regard to that in the lane. we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:46 am
over to san francisco, an easy drive down the east shore freeway, off the berkeley curve and over into san francisco, westbound no problems. lower deck as smooth. the maps show you we had slowing through the construction zone. that's about to clear as the slowing has cleared. likely all of the lanes reopened. the carquinez bridge, mild through livermore, a 15-minute drive over 580 and 680. >> it's 5:46. teacher facing child molestation charges was involved in investigation 18 years ago. 61-year-old is facing 23 counts of committing lewd acts on children at a los angeles elementary school where he worked for 30 years. hundreds of pictures blindfolded with mouth taped shut turned up in his home. days following his a rest details after 1994 investigation after a 10-year-old girl claimed
5:47 am
he tried to fondle her. prosecutors did not file charges in that case, claiming there was not enough evidence. >> it is 5:46. the man who helped create a junior college football power house has died at the age of 52. head coach doug boyett died in his sleep over the weekend. the cause of his death at this point has not been released. he spent 30 years at the junior college in the los altos hills, the last five as head coach. he took them to a top five ranking but perhaps his greatest achievement was not on the gridiron but in the classroom. 90% of his student athletes went on to four-year universities. >> we lived every day for him. everyone gave everything they had every day for him. now i'm sure all the kids will give everything for him. he's like my second father. i love that guy. >> a true real life role model. there will be a public memorial for coach boyett saturday,
5:48 am
february 11, at 1:00 p.m. in the college gym. >> 5:47 now. the best way to deliver heart disease messages to a woman's brain may be through her funny bone. that's a film a comedy about a woman having a heart attack. >> i look like the type of person who has a heart attack? >> the short film is a humorous exaggeration of a typical working mother focused not on her own needs but on everyone else. liz banks directed the film and stars as the mom who ignores signs of a heart attack in favor of getting her family out the door on time. >> it was tricky to convince them that using humor would be a great way to talk about heart disease. >> visit go red for and you can learn more how you can reduce your risk. the campaign is urging women to wear red today and men in honor of heart health awareness. which we're all doing this
5:49 am
morning. >> yes indeed. very nice. time now is 5:48. coming up a look at the mural that may net one artist about $200 million. >> plus, only in hollywood, cat woman throws down with ozzy osbourne on the streets. re poly tt. >> dry mouth is uncomfortable. it can also lead to serious dental problems. >> announcer: act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. >> stronger teeth and dry mouth relief.
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>> good morning. it's a couple of weeks but today kicks off super bowl weekend. today in the bay's tracie potts is smack dab in the middle of it all. live in indianapolis with that super bowl lowdown. good morning. what's happening out there? >> hey, jon. well, what's happening is a lot
5:52 am
of fun even before the game. you know they have got the nfl experience, the super bowl village, the zip line. haven't decided if i'm going to check that out. but a lot of interesting things going on here. thousands of people have been pouring into the city before the game. yesterday we got a bit of a sneak peek from madonna about her halftime show. she didn't really want to reveal much but it looks like there's going to be at least one new song, a little salsa, and wardrobe malfunction. if you are interested in maybe coming to indianapolis, turns out there are tickets available if you've got 2,000, $3,000, you can get one. >> i keep my eyes peeled. thank you. this one is the stuff that legends are made of. a super hero takes down the bad guys in hollywood. we mean this for real. the costume characters that gather, usually entertain tourists outside the kodak
5:53 am
theater. sometimes they scare them. cat woman says two colleagues were drunk and causing problems and finally she had enough. so she pepper sprayed one of the offenders who happened to be dressed as ozzy osbourne. >> calling me names and being confrontational and i said i'm giving you fair warning, if you do not get away from me right now, you have been harassing me all day, i will spray you. i have pepper spray. i will spray you in the face. if you do not go away right now. he was pretty much daring me so i did. >> you go, girlfriend. according to a tweet from a witness this is heart breaking. apparently spider man and batman just stood by and watched, did nothing. >> leave it to the women. taking control. 5:53. new money, new co-owner, new time table for the super bowl in the silicon valley. 49ers secured $200 million from
5:54 am
the nfl to help build a new stadium. that prompted jed york to announce the stadium could open a year ahead of schedule. he also said santa clara could see its first super bowl in 2016. in addition to welcoming new money, the niners are welcoming a new co-owner, former facebook and youtube executive now owns a small percentage of the team. he tweeted last night this is a dream come true. >> i remember when you used to get in trouble for spray painting bought bay area artist about to strike it rich. david cho, you probably recognize the other guy, that is facebook founder mark zuckerberg. in 2005, cho was commissioned to spray paint a mural at the palo alto offices. when it was time to get paid cho was offered an option to take a
5:55 am
few thousand in cash or the equivalent in fast book stock option. you can guess what he did. as of wednesday his stock options could be worth up to $200 million. by the way, cho was also an early winner in our station growing up asian in america essay contest. >> remember who your friends are. >> come on over, pal, talk about it. if you need security cameras keep an eye on it. >> you need security cameras to keep an eye on your art. scott mcgrew says he has a gadget. >> i have wireness cameras from a cup called vue, and they are about the size of a golf ball and they are battery operated. here's a picture of my desk. lots of wires on my desk. there is a base station you see in the middle which plugs to your high speed internet. the cameras are wireless, you
5:56 am
can take a look at the cameras. i've got this on my ipad. this is a more or less live look. it's going to be jittery because we're running through several internet wireless sort of things. >> there it is. hey. >> didn't even see it. >> can you reach it? suppose you can't. >> it's okay. >> she's going to pick it up. so live from vue and they cost about 200 bucks. and you can run up to five cameras which is pretty cool. because then you can select from each camera and get it on your ipad, iphone or over the internet. >> jon kelley up close and personal. >> frightening. >> like this. >> there you go. gadget friday. >> wow. >> we need to change. >> very nice.
5:57 am
>> nice work there. 5:56. is that going to stay here all show? still to come, parts of the bay area bridge, the bay bridge that s closed early this morning because after rollover accident. our crew was first on the scene. we'll show you what happened. >> a couple of bay area cities could lose major money from the feds. >> congratulations everybody, you made it to friday. we've got a big weekend, the weather will accommodate your outdoor plans. if you're missing the rain we'll tell you when that's back in the forecast. >> wait. there's more. more traffic hitting 580, so we have slowing through that tri-valley. i'll show you what's going on in the sout y.'s it's unexpected for this time of day.
5:58 am
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fiber one. >> reporter: i'm bob redell live in the south bay, san jose police looking for a shooter who sent a man to the


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